About HelloGbye

our story


In the late summer of 2011 a large rainstorm hit Eastern Pennsylvania.  It was here that our company’s founder, Jonathan Miller, found himself on a road trip with his family.  They needed a hotel for the night.

Using his phone, Jonathan couldn’t easily find out which hotels had availability, and which did not. So he thought to himself, “Why can’t I just tell my phone what I want and have it do the work for me?”

The idea grew from there.

Today, Jonathan and his team are excited to bring you HelloGbye. A new game-changing way to plan and book your travel. We call HelloGbye a game changer because it puts the traveler in full control. Simply type or speak your travel plans into any device, and you’ll get an answer.

In less than 30 seconds.

Our goal is to get you on your way as quickly as possible.  And along the way, provide you with the best travel booking experience in the world.

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